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Production process - 澳門泰安環保回收再造廠有限公司|塑料回收|五金回收|资源回收

Recycling prrocess

We accept orders for recycling when client’s waste accumulation reaches the minimum weight of one tonne. Once order has been placed and accepted then our collection fleets would be sent out for collecting the recyclable waste. In addition, recovery time can be negotiated and tailored to the company’s need, in the choices of once or twice a day, or every week and so on. Our company will do our best to arrange the most convenient and appropriate time based on the client’s specific requirement. Moreover, in the process of recycling, we will employ electronic scales to measure the weight of the recovered waste in order to calculate the total price. Thereafter, our clients are expected to receive a single receipt, for which they may require cash settlement or monthly bill payments. Once the agreement and order has been accepted for both parties, we will subsequently place the recovered waste into the recycling process.

Production process

Type 1:Plastic paper, plastic film type, the ratio of polyethylene to its primary forms would equal to or greater than 0.94; specifically the main external packaging plastic film (excluding common plastic bags waste) and industrial plastic scrap.

Production steps:


Type 2: Hard plastic material, polyethylene in primary forms, improved acrylonitrile, butadiene and acrylic acid ester copolymer: which could be found mainly from industrial plastic scrap, plastic clothing hangers, TV cabinet and case, broken water pipes, construction materials etc.

Production steps:


Type 3: Plastic water bottle category, other primary forms of polyethylene terephthalate acid: mainly bottles used in minerals water, pure water, distilled water and other public drinking bottles packaging.


Prduction steps: