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Social Responsibility - 澳門泰安環保回收再造廠有限公司|塑料回收|五金回收|资源回收

Taion Social Responsibility

Over the years, additional investment on equipment and resources are constantly made to enhance the quality of plants and products in order to achieve a virtuous cycle of limited resources and regeneration, which implementing the ‘use of resources, recycling’ concept. In the past, this type of large-scale recycling industry usually considered lack in economic and entrepreneurial management. However, Tai On has developed, with government assistance, a sustainable business model that could overcome problems the old business model would have caused. Macau is expected to recover each year, and continuously increasing to more than three thousand tons of waste. This major threat to the community and environment will lead to serious consequences to the lives of local residents. Thus, the establishment of Tai On not only allows the development of a sustainable business model, but also making contributions to protect the local environment.


Whether in Macau or any other part of the world, the non-biodegradable plastic, papers, and metal materials have caused a heavy burden to the surrounding environment as well as landfills. Thus, in recent years, plastic, paper, and metal waste recycling has gradually become an important project in waste reduction. Tai On understands that environmental protection has become a social culture around the world that waste recovery and recycling not only maximise the conservation of natural resources, but also help reducing pollution. Furthermore, the reprocessed recycling of plastic, paper and metal scrap would become another source of biogenic and reusable materials, which can be made from different kinds and types of plastic, paper and metal product. Therefore, in conjunction with the sustainable business model that it can certainly increase the momentum to environmental protection.

Tai On is a specialist in recycling and production. We employ advanced recycling equipments that enable us to provide professional recycling services alongside with our local collection fleet. ‘Green’ has become a social culture around the world; ‘resource recovery and recycling’ not only save natural resources, but also to reduce waste generation. In the mission of ‘Use of resources & recycling’, Tai On encourages local community to support recycling as part of our social responsibility, in order to establish a more sustainable and ‘greener’ society. Although Tai On is committed to promote the ‘Green’ idea in a foreseen future, we also actively participate in environmental protection activities in Macau, which strengthens the awareness of sustainability and environmental protection. At the same time, the company will maintain close contact and collaboration with the Macau government authorities to maximise the momentum in promoting environmental protection, which could then further reduce waste and yet provide a healthier living environment for the public.